I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to SEO

When I first started in SEO back in 2011 it was a wildly different scene, from programmatic SEO to article spinning – the whole landscape was the wild west.

Luckily, that gave me the experience and confidence to execute campaigns on the scale I do today. And that’s why I became an SEO growth partner for other budding entrepreneurs and business owners.


Max Stevens


This is me! Were you expecting a stock image of someone drop-dead gorgeous? Sorry to disappoint you if you were!

As you can see, SEO hasn’t been kind to my hairline or white hair coverage – but it has been kind to all of my clients (plus my own portfolio!)

Why Choose Me


I utilise all my knowledge and continually test different theories on my own sites. That’s how I stay ahead of your competitors and my own!

I don’t sugar coat facts. If your site needs work then be prepared to hear it. Just know, I can fix it all for you – confidently.


Extremely impressed with Max (and it’s only been 3 months). Will definitely be keeping him on-side. Props to him for making it this easy!

– CEO, Peter Grieve, Immerse

It simply works. I hired Max to get me results for my Shopify store. 115% increase is all I have to say. But best of all I get to pester him all the time on Slack and he’s teaching our in-house team some really useful concepts! Highly recommend.

– Byron, Health Site

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